Saturday, December 26, 2015

Things to Remember While Choosing a Diamond

When it comes to gift, jewelry is considered as the best gift ever. It will add stars to your occasion. Birthdays and anniversaries are the ones that are celebrated in a year and that is the day to show your dear ones that how special they are for you. In order to make this day a momentous, you must give some precious gifts to your loved ones.
At the time of purchasing the budget might be the most important parameter, and since you are paying a good amount you must get the best value product. So in order to check the good quality diamond you can check out the tips given below
What is 4CS?
4CS is the language that is used by the jewelers everywhere which describes the nature and specification of diamond. This also determines the overall quality of diamond. Quality runs along with the price so it is very important for you know the meaning of 4CS so that you can buy the best quality.
As we all know diamonds are weighed in the metric or parameter called carats. For an instance the weight of a paper clip is around 2 carats.
The clarity of diamond is the thing that decides its price. We all know that diamonds are created under very high pressure and heat generated by the earth. Almost every diamond have its own unique characteristics which is called as inclusions and the external characteristics are called as blemishes. Many characteristics are too tiny that it can be seen only by a well trained jeweler. They uses a special scale in order to count this tiny characteristics.

Do you know that a truly colorless diamond is very rare? Yes it is. There are many techniques applied in order to find the color of a diamond and the diamond that we see regularly or on any jewelry shop is not the colorless diamond. It just looks like colorless but in real it is not colorless. You will find a tiny accent of other color with that. These parameters of the colorless diamonds started from D and it ends at Z which is usually light yellow or brown. The distinctions of the color are visible only to the well trained eyes and this is the reason why jewelers earn a lot. Because they give us anything when we demand a true colorless diamond and in return they will take money of colorless diamond which is a huge amount.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Do you know why you should buy platinum jewelry?

We all prefer gold and silver when it comes to buy jewelry because of its shine and finish and mostly because everyone knows that it gold and with that they understand your financial reputation. We usually forget that platinum is also a metal which we can use in order to make jewelries. If you are confused and thinking that what actually platinum is then you must understand that it’s a metal that looks like silver but have price range above gold. Platinum is a metal that is found very rarely and many of us doesn’t use it to make jewelries when compared to gold and silver.
Now the question comes why platinum is a good metal for jewelry? And why this isn’t used commonly? Here in this article we will explain you the answers of these questions.
Let’s ask ourselves first that what makes any metal good for jewelry. Metals that make good jewelry must have two things that are durability and extravagance. You just can’t pick up a metal and start making jewelry out of it. Just imagine the jewelries made of copper and iron, they won’t look good and you will never want to wear that because they will never look attractive.
Platinum have both these qualities. Platinum is extremely corrosion resistant, heat resistant and it has a great glimmer. Its price is around $800 per troy ounce. So no need to say that this metal is precious, and where ever you go everyone will ask you about it.
Why it is not commonly used?
If you go in the jewelry store you will find new jewelries made out of gold or silver. You will even find diamond jewelries as well. For once you will go for diamond but platinum is about 30 times rarer when compared to gold. There are limited places where you will find platinum mines and so this metal is much more precious than gold. Now the question comes if it is 30 times rare than gold then why its price lie in the range of gold? The answer to this question is that the rareness doesn’t decide the value of a thing but it’s the demand that makes it valuable and since the demand of platinum is low the price of it lies around gold.

We hope that you have understood the value of platinum jewelry so better try it once.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

How to check and tell if the gold is pure?

There are many people who buy jewelry in regular basis and in order to buy they prefer the seller from whom they are buying since a long time. At the time of buying jewelry, we usually check the shine, finish and design of the gold or other jewelry. There are many people who want to know how pure the material of the jewelry is. Here is a guide that will let you know how you can check the purity of gold at time of purchasing the jewelry.
  • Gold
When it comes to gold we say that gold is the most common material to make jewelry but it is quite expensive. The design and finish of jewelries adds more prices tags to it. The term karat is used in order to identify the purity of gold. 24 Karats is considered as the purest gold. When we see pure gold its appearance is shiny but it is soft and malleable with yellow color. Because of its softness and malleable nature, it is mixed with other metals in order to make it hard so that the jewelry made of that gold last for longer period of time. If any item is made from 24 Karat gold then it will bend very easily and after some bends it will break and this is the reason why buying pure gold jewelry is a bad idea. The gold which is normally used by the gold smith is the gold alloy which is a mixture of pure gold and with other metals and the other metals that are mixed is not gold.
  • Testing gold for purity
There are some methods which one can follow in order to check gold’s purity. Gold is usually marked with stamps which shows the karat of it, but if no mark is there you can check its purity.
  • Acid Testing
There are many jewelry stores that will allow you to check gold purity. They usually use nitric acid in order to check the karat. Recognition of caret is done as per the chemical reaction observed.

You can also opt for scratch test, you just have to scratch the piece of gold on the test stone and see whether it leaves the mark or not. The darker the mark is the higher the karat is. You can then put a drop of nitric acid in order to see the reaction.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Top Tips on Buying Gold Jewelry

We all know Gold is among the most precious metals in the world and this is the reason why ornaments play a vital role in the traditional things. We consider gold ornaments as the best one in the world. Another good thing about gold is that it can be sold anywhere in the world without any problem. So if anyone is in need of money then he or she can sell any ornament and use the money where ever they want.
For Indians gold is considered as a symbol of purity and this is the reason why they give gifts of gold in any traditional event.
If you are planning to buy things made of gold then here are some tips
You must understand the variation of rates of gold and this is the reason for variation in quality of gold. The gold which is good in terms of quality have a marking and so you must check that at the time of purchasing. Pure gold is soft and it can be easily folded. When goldsmiths make ornaments, they mix an exact proportion of nickel, silver, zinc and copper. These metals in combination makes a hard gold and jewelries are prepared only after going through this process.
When we buy gold the most common carat options that are given to us is 18, 20, 22 or 24 K. in this series 24 K is the purest form of gold and so its charges are higher. These carats depend upon the amount of other composition metal.
Price: the purity of gold determines the price of gold. The labor use to mix different amount of metals in order to make gold harder. Sometime you may find different tone of colors or appearance. You may get gold with white shine and sometime you may get gold with yellow shine. This variation comes because of the impurities. One can get gold in the shade of other colors.
The yellow gold is given the first priority. People use to buy yellow gold because of its shine. We all know, that the yellow metal that shines too much is gold and we all like to its shine. We determine gold and its purity with its shine and that’s the reason we prefer yellow gold.

Identification:- in countries like India, the authorities use to mark a seal which proves that it is pure.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Which is better, White Gold or Platinum?

Platinum and white gold look similar when it comes to jewellery. Jewellery, made out of both white gold and platinum, gives you stunning and stylish look without any doubt. Even though white gold and platinum looks similar physically, they are basically different in all its chemical properties. That is why you need to go for a closer analysis in order to pick the right one from white gold and platinum. Here are a few facts you need to know about the properties of white gold and platinum.

What is platinum?
  • Platinum is an element with symbol Pt
  • It is an industrial commodity and used in jewellery and laboratory purposes
  • It has a greyish white colour
  • It is pretty expensive
Platinum is a naturally occurring, rare, whitish element that is highly reactive. It is used in a number of industrial purposes. However, the fame of platinum is because of the beautifully made jewelleries made with the metal. Jewellery made out of platinum has the most luminescent white hue among all kinds of metal jewelleries. 
Platinum is hard and malleable when compared to gold. Because of the hardness of the metal, it is difficult to bend or reshape it. Ornaments made out of platinum are vulnerable to scratches and denting. Platinum jewellery is pretty expensive than gold. The sparkle of platinum jewelleries will not last long and it needs to be polished. However, platinum is more pure and better quality metal than gold.

What is white gold?
  • It is an alloy of gold and palladium or silver
  • It is plated with rhodium to give white tint
  • It is made out of element gold with symbol Au
The colour of white gold is artificially made by mixing pure gold with silver or palladium. The jewellery is plated with rhodium to give it a whitish shining look. The properties of white gold and yellow gold are almost same, and the colour makes the main difference.
White gold jewellery is cheaper when compared to platinum, given to the availability of gold metal which make its basic content.  Eventually the white gold jewellery will lose its shining look, and you may need to polish it with rhodium often.

The price factor keeps the white gold and platinum wide apart. The price of platinum jewellery may be thrice higher than white gold. It will be difficult to reach a one word answer to the question which is better among white gold and platinum, as both have its cons and pros.  

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Ann Demeulemeester - “Jewellery is something that has to do with emotion.”
The birth of a new year is the chance for opportunity. We are beginning with the fun and inevitable top jewellery trends of 2015. From delicate to statement pieces.
  1. Stackable rings: Stackable rings are the new “midi rings!” These beauties are a two in one dream came true, that actually work in embellishing the fingers in a tasteful manner (unlike a two in one shampoo conditioner like deal). These rings are preferably very simple than statement rings, but with structure and subtle shine. Architecturally fascinating rings are perfect to stack because they are thin and sophisticated, which gives space to add a touch of bling. Mix and matching for a unique pop of pastel colour.
  2. Delicate bracelets replaced by Haathphools: These have been around for decades now. However, can see a key comeback this 2015. This traditional jewellery comprises of bracelet linked elegantly to one or more finger rings. Haathphools are luxuriously covered by diamonds in a variety of designs showing sophistication to timeless elegance, encrusted in white gold and platinum.
  3. Calling all collars: Fall’s turn towards retro sixties fashion includes jewellery too, in the form of structured bib or collar necklaces. We’re getting a very large number of necklaces and gold metal collars, a lot of them jewelled, say Ford.
  4. Necklaces as headgears: A large range of multi-functional jewellery is catching up as a trend. A delicate neckpiece can be worn stylishly as tiara. Similarly, a maangtika can be decorated as a striking pendant. Modular jewellery pieces those are also collapsible - wherein a very traditional neck piece can be detached to a simple single strand of diamonds which can be worn around the neck or head, as a maathapatti.

Mix & match earrings:

The mix match trend is so fun it’s like taking out chocolates from a box and tasting every flavour (without any carbs). The idea of mixing and matching jewellery to your mood is absolutely delicious! Halo charm banner for bold beauties, sharp and edgy pieces provide an edgy and shape to your ears. And of course, for the sexy and sweet beauties, floral charms create a subtle shine to your ears for a sensible look. Putting studs is the icing on top; and choosing different colours and materials help suit the many moods you have! Remember, Life is a strong box of charms darling, so indulge in it! And welcome 2015 with the jewellery you love.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Look stylish and chic by purchasing high quality jewelry

Jewelry is the unbeatable and evergreen gift that can ever be given to women. This jewelry when teamed up with perfect accessories make you stand out from the crowd. Moreover, this is the best way to make a fashion statement in your circle or show your wealth and status to the people. Jewelry includes anklets, rings, earrings, necklaces, etc. However, now-a-days fashion jewelry is gaining craze among youngsters. This jewelry can be worn on traditional and modern apparels. Moreover, people can portray about their thoughts and tastes to the world by wearing their favorite jewelry. The craze for the jewelry has been existing since ages, especially in women. However, in today’s era, even men are evincing interest in wearing jewelry to look stylish and suave.
There are many online jewelry shops who are selling a wide range of fashion jewelry as per the customer requirements. So, people have ample choice to pick the best jewelry that suits them.
Here are a few tips,one can embrace to find and preserve their top-notch quality jewelry forever
  • Clean with polishing cloth: To keep the jewelry clean and free from damage, you need to clean them regularly after use, with a polishing cloth. This helps you to maintain the sheen of the jewelry without actually cleaning them with any chemicals
  • Use a two-sided cloth: You need to clean the jewelry first with the polishing side and later you need to use the other side to clean the jewelry thoroughly to make it shine.
  • Do not expose them to humid air: Jewelry that is continuously exposed to humid air will lose its sheen, so you need to preserve them safely in the jewelry box. Generally, humid air will ruin both precious and non-precious metals quickly. However, you can retain the sheen of the precious metals just by cleaning them thoroughly, but the non-precious metals once lose their gleam is very hard to retain back. Moreover, the metal inside this non-precious metal will be visible, if you clean it over and again.
However, when you are purchasing silver jewelry you need to focus on the quality. Moreover, you can segregate the fake non-precious metal from genuine ones by using a magnet. Undeniably, a magnet has the property to attract pure non-precious metals. Moreover, you need to purchase the jewelry that has the hallmark and from the foolproof store to get a masterpiece. Generally, the reliable online stores sell the jewelry that has excellent craftsmanship and finesse of work. You need to find details such as who made it, what it is made out of, etc. to get a stupendous piece that is timeless

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Diamonds Online – A better Option

The precious white stone with an amazing lustre, a cut once occupied shines with brilliance – the diamond. Gold, Silver or Platinum whatever be the base holding it, it’s the diamond’s lustre that is the cherry on the top to any diamond jewellery. Buying diamonds at least once in life is somewhere every man’s dream. To pamper his wife or girlfriend, or to invest in diamonds for the future to be safe, whatever the need may be, but buying a diamond can be the most critical choice ever.
A point to Ponder
Not just regarding the input for the diamond or choosing a cut worth the occasion, there is more to ponder over before buying diamonds. The revolution of internet worldwide has created numerous options to shop. From buying brands from their own online stores and not offline to buying stuff from a completely online store and finding it better than anything is not uncommon today. Hence it is no wonder that buying stuff online is somewhat better than offline in some or other terms.
Where people regard buying jewellery offline as the safest way ever, online stores are too appealing with their enormous range of designs in diamond jewellery and wide range of choices in the cuts and clarity of diamonds with the least troubling way possible. And hence the question arises, where to buy diamonds now?
Online Stores- A step forward
Though buying diamonds offline from retailers is supposed as the safest way in addition to being traditional, there are no less cases of being conned by the same offline retailer into setting you up with a costlier diamond by manipulating your thought process by creating its necessity. There are even various other reasons justifying why buying diamonds online could be the best idea ever. The following is a set of such reasons which would load your mind will all the benefits of online buying, and here we go:
  • The varieties available: The biggest benefit of online shopping is the wide range of options to choose. From the cut to clarity of the diamond, colour grade to the size, the amount you choose to spend to the discount method you want to avail, there are filters set for almost everything which will help you find the right stone in the right price. This is because the online diamond stores not only deal from one but many merchants, and acquire the jewels from all over the country (or at least the state), they do not have to rely on one dealer to find you your required piece of jewellery.
  • Amazing Discounts: When buying anything online, from clothes to appliances there are various discounts you can avail by using various coupons and on different types of cards. These kinds of options are not at all available when buying in person except for the discounts offered by the store itself. This feature of online shopping comes into handy when buying products worth more, consequently a much larger discount. Just imagine a product worth 5000$, giving you a 15% discount on the card you are using, therefore finally costing you 4250$, does not seem to be a bad deal. After all a penny saved, is a penny earned.
  • The Lower prices: In - store jewellery buying can take you a lot of patience though providing you not much variety to choose from. Online stores are a step ahead in this by providing you a larger range of selection and saving your energy. But apart from this there is another feature of the online diamond jewellery stores which helps them to be ranked higher than the in-store one which is the comparatively lower prices. It may have been noticed by the customer some or the other day that online jewellery is quite cheaper, even including the shipping charges in it. The reason behind this is in in-store jewellery shopping, the rate of the jewels also includes the shop rent, the electricity bills and the workers’ salary in it. Yes, we pay for many things apart from the jewels which costs us more, whereas the online jewellery stores never require any of these and provide us with many other benefits.
  • Last but not the least – safety: The last time I heard this was about an online company which sent bad quality goods to the customer and got itself sued for ten times its worth. Yes, even online companies can be sued (for those who did not know this) and hence you can now relax, sit back and wait for the jewels to get delivered at your doorstep. You cannot be cheated by sending the wrong quality goods or the goods you never asked for. Many people have the fear just because they have already sent the payment and now if returns are possible or not (if they file a case). To their rescue come sites like PayPal which hold the transferred value aside until the case is held in the court. Mostly these kinds of issues do not occur if the customer buys the diamonds after verifying the online seller by his certificate. In any case, being a customer one must know how to identify a good diamond while shopping online, or at least know someone who can do that.
  • Getting the diamonds safely: This tip can also be used as a tip for buying the diamonds in the right way but just in case, it works this way too. For people who want to invest in diamonds, that is a total different issue but for people who want to have them in their hands safely, this tip is for them. Many online sites also provide the insurance for diamonds and shipping as well which is a necessity these days henceforth creating an easy path for you by making sure the diamonds reach you safely. In addition you pay lesser taxes when you ship a diamond from another state. Now how is this as a pro-tip forsafe buying?
Last but not the least, a safety tip not many people know while buying online is to check the fine print words of the policy. This includes if the store offers you a full refund or not (some stores offer only 85% of the cash back while reputed stores offer completely) and not just exchange on your method of payment, or if they charge a restocking fee etc. Finally buy only graded, GIA certified diamonds.

Now all that’s left to do for yourself is just one thing. Go press enter and pay for those lavish riches which you wanted to pamper yourself (or others) with.

Friday, October 30, 2015

A Diamond’s beauty – All about the cut

DeBeers quoted in 1947 “A diamond is forever”. Well it is forever but what matters is the sentiment with which they are presented. For many people, diamonds, even today are a onetime gift. Though industrialization has turned the tables in common man’s favour, diamonds still happen to be a cherished dream for many.
As it is known, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, no doubt that its lustre can lure any woman into risking her finances to pocket one. Diamonds were once believed to protect the owner from all kinds of mishaps as said by grandmothers always and that for long time it was believed that this divine crystal would lose its powers when it was altered from its natural state. Though these are tales, but investment in diamonds now days can certainly be a way the owner would be protected from much financial instability due to the benefits of the returns.
From Rose cut to Swiss cut, princess to marquise, brilliant to briolette or just as simple as the single cut, the beauty is definitely worth the fortune spent. While cut is the most complex factor associated with a diamond’s price, thanks to its clarity that it radiates brilliance.
The following are the most desired cuts in diamonds with their value:
  • The best cut desired for a diamond is undoubtedly the round cut. Also known as the brilliant cut, it perfectly radiates the fire when cut properly, just as its name suggests. It is suggested to be present this in obvious event such as a wedding or as an anniversary present. Though it costs you higher as compared to other cuts, the following smile is worth the wait.
  • The next most desired cut is the princess cut and this comes with better benefit on your pocket. Due to comparatively lesser wastage than the brilliant cut, princess cut is 30% cheaper, radiating the same shine at an equivalent carat value. An Engagement event will be the best time to introduce this as a token of love.
  • Oval cut is the next when it comes to diamonds. Best when gifted as a pair of earrings, these draw in the disguise of being larger in size while radiating about the same brilliance as a round one.
  • The Marquise cut is the most admired shape next to round and princess. Looking like the traditional oval shape with rather pointed ends, marquise makes it perfect for the beautiful neck preferably as the centre piece for the necklace, or possibly a pendant. Look out for the next occasion since this is a perfect carat for carat choice.
  • Pear cut stands next with its lavish design loved my many women. The tapered point lines up perfectly with the apex consequently possessing the excellent brilliance due to the symmetry. This cut is most favored on rings due to its symmetry creating the delicate but elongating look.
  • One of the rarer and unique choices, the cushion cut is still chosen next to best when it comes to preference. The large facets of cushion cut allow great light dispersion which gives birth to a larger range of spectral radiance making for a highly dazzling stone. Most of all, it works for any jewellery – from rings to bracelets and neck pieces to watches.
  • Trillion cut, often used as a side stone with stunning brilliance is one of the most beautiful and dramatic possession one can ever have. Cut to radiate the brilliance boldly, it is highly appreciated for its use as a centre stone, while it does great wonders in studs as well.
These best cuts also come with their affirming per carat prices which is definitely worth the pay.  Since diamonds come in a range of colours, white diamonds being the most preferred, a small tip to go easy on the pocket comes around in choosing a diamond which is not so white. The diamonds are classified on the scale of D-Z and those under D-F are classified colourless and indistinguishable unless for expert. So the F-Colour diamond can cause you about 15% less than D colour, with negligible difference in radiance. Perhaps now it’s time to grab some diamonds then.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

How to Clean Your Diamond Accessory at Home

The sparkle of the diamond doubles when you clean it professionally. Why not try out few cleaning tips at home so that the lustre remains the same every time you use it? Read on to understand few tips on taking care of your diamond jewelleries at home. However, it is advisable to professionally inspect the jewellery once a year.

Handle it with care

The twinkling of the diamond gets disturbed at the touch of an oily or dirty human finger. Clean your hands before touching the jewellery each time, to look it at its best always.  Never touch it with unclean hands or keep it on a dirty surface.
Never keep diamonds near any of the bleaching substance or harmful chemicals. It may damage the metal.

Cleaning tip for diamond jewellery

You can clean your diamond accessories easily at home twice or thrice a month. Take a container and fill it one cup of hot water and half a cup of ammonia water.
Dip the jewellery in the solution and keep it overnight in a closed container. It is better to dip the jewellery in warm water at first and then dip it in the solution. Avoid directly dipping it into hot water.
Use a soft bristled brush, say an unused baby toothbrush, and clean it with utmost care, to make sure there is no left over dirt in it. Clean the back side of the diamond as well using the soft brush.   
Wipe off the diamond jewellery with a clean and soft cloth after washing it. Make sure the cloth is lint-free. You can also allow it to air dry.
Do not use any harmful chemicals, like chlorine, to wash the diamonds as it may get dissolved.
You can also go for a jewellery washing kit, but please read the instructions clearly to make sure it is fit for washing diamond jewellery.
Next time when you gift your dear ones a diamond accessory, make sure you share a few tips to take care of the precious gift at home itself. You can be sure that the sparkle of the gift will never go down by a single point.
Furthermore, regular cleaning will make it more charming and attractive. However, you should consult a diamond specialist if you are doubtful about handling it at home. It can be done without any spend most times.

Monday, October 12, 2015

4 Tips for Choosing a Perfect Wedding Band

A wedding band is a ring solemnizing the custom of marriage. Picking a right wedding band is really not as difficult as you might thing. The only requirement is that you simply need to learn basic knowledge about wedding bands. In this article, you will learn all about wedding bands and how to pick the very best.
This ultimate buying guide will help you to choose the wedding band you going to be love and cherish forever.
Before I get into the technical details like metal choices, styles, etc., the most important piece of advice that I want to give you is don’t leave this selection process until the last minute!  Among all of the jobs, selection of wedding rings and bands are often one of things left until last, but remember one thing that will going to stay with you forever is your ring or band.  Just forget about flowers, favors, venue and seating plans for one day and take the time to choose the perfect band for you.
1. Try to narrow down your choices: To buy this jewellery piece, you'll shop together and wear every day, so it’s better to make some preliminary choices before you even hit the jewellery stores. After all you don’t want your band to be the same as your engagement ring.
Are you looking for something unique or simple band? Would you like your bands to include gemstones or diamonds? Do you want your band to match with one another? Well, to narrow down your choices, work on these questions before you start shopping.
2. Choose a metal of your choice: Wedding bands are generally available in platinum, yellow gold, white gold, titanium and tungsten. Yellow gold, white gold and platinum are classic while tungsten and titanium are more modern.
3. Start your search early& don’t leave it for last minute: Once you have a basic idea of what your choices are, it's time for the fun part i.e. trying on bands! Give yourself time at least one to two months before the wedding date and visit jewellery shop because selection process takes time and you will definitely need this time to search different designs, compare their prices and revisit bands that catch your attention. If you want to customize your ring, then you'll probably need even more time.
4. Also keep your lifestyle in mind: It is not necessary that expensive and pretty is always good.The thing is it must be comfortable. It doesn’t make any sense if you feel uncomfortable when you wear your wedding band or if you remove it often which also increases your chances of losing it. So it’s better to make a right selection because you are going to wear this band daily.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Where to Find Premium Collection of Diamond Earrings?

Women are highly fond of investing in their jewelry. It could be the imitate jewelry or the real thing. Diamonds seamlessly are the absolute option when it comes to buying jewelry. Among all other options, diamond rings or diamond earrings are the ones that enjoy optimum heed. Maybe these are the most casual form of jewelry that you can easily wear every day. This is quite familiar fact that we don’t get to attend parties on daily basis where we can wear our best collection of jewelry. Therefore, the only option we are left with is to wear casual sort of jewelry. That is the only reason for women to be fond of diamond earrings so much. Even if you stay at home all the time, you can easily wear a casual set of earrings.
Now, as we are quite aware of the fondness of diamond earrings among women clan, it is essential to know about the places where you can find premium collection of these products. Well, be it the casual collection or the formal one, it is easy to discover best of the quality at online stores such as VIVO Diamonds. These days, it is not all about selecting jewelry from nearby jewelry store. People desire for options. They need a lot of options to make final verdict for what they want to buy. Maybe that is also the prime reason for all the jewelry buyers to discover their options at online stores. There are thousands of jewelry brands that list their grand assortment of products online. And as it is least taxing to browse the collection, you can simply make a comfortable pick.
You can check out the collection in your free time, read about the jewelry about what kind of stones are used in the making of diamond earnings and all. All the necessary information can be discovered right next to the product. The size, carat, cut, clarity and other things that are noteworthy are specified on the screen. There is no denying to the fact that these days, online stores are taking place of conventional shopping and seeking a lot of attention. Every day, hundreds of buyers visit online jewelry stores to check out their collection. These are highly authentic stores that ensure optimum satisfaction of the customers. You no more have to take out hours from your highly busy schedule and visit conventional stores for shopping.

While we mention the boons of online stores, it is equally necessary to understand the drawbacks. The only loophole that I find here is that they miss the personal interaction that a customer might want while making such a huge investment. Brands that are associated with the website will list their products separately and hence it opens a doorway of options for the customers. That is why it is said that online stores don’t need any space but they can still offer you maximum options to select and make purchase. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Why Is It So Important To Buy Diamonds From Online Stores?

Shopping diamonds have become a trend for people of all financial groups. And these days, trends have been jumped up to another fair square by taking the level online. The collection, the authenticity, the convenience to shop, is all of the reasons for making online shopping even better. Let’s take a look at the causes for why is it so important to buy diamonds from online stores.
  • Authentic: Yes, it is undeniable that shopping online has been in trend for few years from now, but the kind of acceptance it has got, it has soon become the prime source of income for many household. There is no exception for online stores to cheat their customers. The competition is high so all the online stores make optimum efforts in offering authentic jewelry to the customers. If you wish to purchase a diamond ring from the online store, you will have to first check its basic attributes. Then you can check the authenticity of the diamond. For being surer, you can also take the stone to your land jewelry and get the stone check for authenticity.
  • Economical: Diamonds that are available at online stores such as VIVO Diamonds are far more economically priced than diamonds that are available at conventionally stores. There is no maintenance of the products or they don’t have to be showcased in a hop gallery, etc. Therefore, it has become quite simple for all to save a huge amount on diamond jewelry, only if they are investing their money at online stores.
  • Rich: You might be wondering that why I have used the rich over here. Are the stores financially strong enough for the usage of such a term? Well, rich here refers to the kind of collection these stores have. No wonder that for selecting diamond jewelry, you visit many conventional jewelry stores and then find one for buying the most desired product. But the online stores have an influx of options in diamond rings, diamond bracelets, and all other kind of jewelry. Therefore, these stores are quite rich in offering you options.
  • Convenient: Shopping online at the ease of your house is something worth admiring. It has come up like a boon to all the lazy heads. Selecting the products of your choice and making a purchase by clicking few tabs. By far I believe that it is most convenient way to shop.
  • Modish Way To Shop: People are becoming modish in every approach. Online shopping is the latest swing in the market and it is necessary for everyone to accept that. This not only allows you to sway with the leisure of technology but it also allows you to stay smart in your shopping approach. Every top-notch jewelry store such as VIVO Diamonds has its online store for bringing a secondary shopping option to the customers. Moreover, online shopping brings you a colossal quantity of discounts so that you can save as much cash as you can.  

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Why is Diamond Jewelry Best Suited for a Gift?

There are various ways that you can find to express and convey your love to the most important people of your life. Clearly, every person has a different sense of reaction to in different circumstances. Gifts work as a speech of your heart and we usually buy things that happen to steal our attention in first look. As the gifts are the foremost way to convey your feelings, they need to be very impressive and expressive. Diamonds are the best way to say that you love. It could be your mother, your sister or your wife; everyone will feel benevolent on receiving such a gift. Diamond jewelry has the perfect shimmering effect that can easily put a beautiful smile on the face of people you love.
All the women across the world are completely in awe and in love with these dazzling beauties that shine in their fingers in the form of diamond rings, in their ear in the form of diamond earrings, in their neck in the form of diamond pendant. Diamonds shoot up a different kind of excitement in every woman before and after buying these sparkling stones. There is no denying to the fact that women are completely in love with their diamond jewelry. And why not, these stones have such a mesmerizing effect on everybody. Now when you know very well aware of the fact that it is only diamonds that makes a perfect gift for women, you can blindly invest in these to light a beautiful smile on their face.
In your lifetime, you will come across many such occasions when diamond jewelry will sound like a perfect idea to be presented to the woman you loves the most. You can give a beautiful pair of diamond earrings to your mother on her birthday or mother’s day. Sister’s birthday befits for such a gift. For your young sister you can buy diamond bracelet or a pair of diamond earnings. For the woman you are in love with, there are plenty of occasions when you can simply invest in these items and give her the most memorable and cherish gift of her life. Some of such occasions are: birthdays, valentine day, festivals, anniversary, etc.

So I will only say that when its about women, you can never possibly find any better gift than diamonds. It is recommended to buy diamond jewelry from online stores such as VIVO Diamonds. These stores comprise of most stunning looking jewelry. Also to your surprise, you can find a plethora of options to make a selection. People usually feel that there are very limited options to select from at conventional stores. But when you associate with online stores, you will find a never ending collection of diamonds in most blissful designs. Also there are various other perks associated with online stores for shopping. Because of no overhead costs, you can buy jewelry at unbelievable prices. Before you settle on any gift type for a woman, you need to keep it in mind that women only fancy diamonds. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

An Insight to the Pros and Cons of Diamond Shopping Online

It has been last 5 years since millions of buyers have approached online shopping. It could be for a very cheap product such as a paper pin or for something as expensive as diamond jewelry. Within no time, online shopping has become an invincible part of our lives. I have been doing some survey on the kind of products people like to buy online and to my surprise, I found diamond jewelry ranking somewhere at the top of the list. Online diamond purchases could be a little perplexing and hard decision making for people who are unaware of the process. It gives you a fear of losing a high amount of money on something that is not genuinely authentic. But since there are countless perks of buying online, people are giving up on their fear and taking a chance to get familiar with this innovative kind of shopping.
  • If there are a number of pros for shopping diamond jewelry online then at the same time, there are certain cons as well. Let’s take a look at both the aspects separately:
  • It gives you an option of quick shopping. Certainly, you don’t have to spend time to personally visit each and every jewelry shop of the town and search for best of the diamond rings or diamond earrings or various other options available in diamond jewelry. With the help of few clicks, you can enter in the world of options and select right product for you.

  • The type of selection that you can get at online stores, there is no way that you can find the same at any conventional store. Also in terms of expenses, it is easier to save money on online jewelry given the fact that online products don’t have any overhead expenses and hence you can buy them at convenient rates.
  • Many times you don’t get to ask too many questions to the attendant at jewelry store. There is no such hitch at online stores as you can ask as many queries as you want to by typing in the query box and you can have solutions to your queries in few seconds.

  • Among the few drawbacks that people feel at online stores is that they can in human interaction. It is always missed that someone is not taking personal interest in what you are exploring putting forward their suggestions and bringing them more appealing choices to try. But it has also been sorted as now; you can contact the executives at online portals and talk to them about the kind of jewelry you are looking for.  
  • Some people maintain their distance from online stores only because they are worried about their bank information and the fact that it could be misused. Well, this clause has also been sorted as now you can make payment on receiving the jewelry and after checking it for the authentication. In case you are not satisfied with the product, you can also get it returned or changed. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Want To Buy Diamonds? Let’s Begin With the Basics

Shopping is like an art. You cannot master it unless you don’t know its basics. When diamond shopping is at the center, you must learn some of the highly imperative rules. This is not any other product that can be replaced easily and that you won’t feel disheartened on buying something wrong. A colossal amount of money is used when diamonds are bought. This further increases the need to be more careful while shopping diamonds. Let me enlighten you with the basics of shopping diamonds.
  • Following The Trends:

At first, you need to identify the purpose of buying. This implies to whether you want to buy diamonds for casual usage or for formal usage. Diamonds that are meant to be worn formally are way too expensive than the ones that are worn casually. Latest trends say that for a perfect casual look, you can wear a pair of diamond earrings accompanied by a perfect diamond pendant or a diamond bracelet. Whereas the designs are concerned, they keep changing with the changing seasons. If you are a routine buyer then you must keep up with the revolving trends. Someone with complete knowledge about the diamonds will be able to make a smart and relevant purchase.

  • Discovering New Shopping Ethos:

There was a time when only the land jewelry stores were the options to buy jewelry. Well, as I said there “WAS”. Now, the trends have changed completely and with the help of digitization, new ethos of shopping has come up on the horizon. Whether you wish to buy diamond earrings or diamond bracelet, you can find them in colossal quantity at top-notch online stores such as VIVO Diamonds. If you want to sway in the perks of latest trends that you really need to say goodbye to some of your old shopping habits and get exposed to the new ones.

  • Working On The Basics:

Diamonds have certain basics that are to be followed if you wish to make a perfect purchase. Diamond jewelry is assimilated on 4 standards that define the value of the stone. These 4 standards are: Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. You can find a lot of data on internet that will help you in understanding each of the basic in detail. Beside these, you also need to take a quick look to the flaws section of the diamonds. As people are not much aware of the stones, most of the retailers hand them over poor quality products at major prices.

  • Discounts:

Whether you are shopping from a land store or you are making a purchase from an online portal, one thing that has to be asked is the discount. Online stores have a perfect advantage of giving a great deal of discounts to the buyers whereas land stores usually lack in this service. Considering this scenario, I would definitely recommend you to start shopping online because with this, you can save a considerable amount of money on the diamond products. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

What to Consider While Buying Diamond Bracelet?

To enhance the most feminine side of yours, you need to dress yourself up in best of the diamond jewelry. Diamond bracelets are the ones that make you look ravishing even in your routine casual look. For formal appearance, you can go for relatively exclusive bracelet that not only compliments your overall personality but also give you a rich and classy look. Buying diamond bracelet is not easy in this world of options. Moreover when you are making online purchase, it becomes even perplexing given the kind of choices you get.
While buying the diamond bracelets online, you need to consider the following measure:
  • Cost of the product: First and foremost is the cost of the product that is to be considered. The bracelets are available in huge assortment at online stores. That is why you might get tempted by the choices that you get. In such a case, you need to stand by the budget that you have made for the buying. It will keep the purchase in preset budget and will also not trouble you financially.
  • Formal or Casual: Motive of buying the product has to be clear in one’s mind. While you are looking for the diamond bracelet, you have to ensure the occasion that you are buying the product for. It could either be a formal occasion or it could be for casual usage. It is very important for understanding the need while you are looking for the product. This can help you in making most accurate purchase.
  • Clarity of Diamonds: The worth of diamonds is all due to the clarity of stones that are used in the product. You have to make sure that the stones are highly reflective and without any flaw. There are some flaws that are not visible with the naked eye. In such a case, you just have to associate with a trustworthy store from where you can buy a flawless product.
  • Carat of Diamonds: It could be a single diamond bracelet or embellished with multiple diamonds, the carat of the stones will highly affect the price. While making a purchase, you need to assimilate the carat of the stones that are crafted in the bracelet. As the carat of the diamond will increase, it will also increase the worth of your product.
  • Color of Diamonds: People usually forget to check the color of the diamonds that are used in their jewelry. Well, this is the easiest thing for the sellers to hand the buyers least authentic product at heavy prices. For a smart purchase, you also have to consider the color of the stones that are installed in your diamond product.
  • Cut of Diamonds: Cuts are usually considered while buying diamond rings but you can also ensure this property while buying diamond bracelet. The cut has to be sharp and unique. That will also affect the price but as innovative cut of diamond you will wear, it will bring you more appreciation. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

How To Get Your Diamond Jewelry Customized at Online Stores?

One of the biggest drawbacks of online jewelry stores were that they only use to sell pre-made products. There are also some stores where various jewelers come together and sell their designs. But there is no denying to the fact that every individual have different taste and preferences. Only because of the fact that you cannot get your jewelry customized at only store, you cannot just abandon them from your life. Customization has always been very significant for buyers and that was the only reason for them to always head towards land jewelry stores.
With time, online portals have brought tremendous change and that is why now they too offer you the feature of getting your jewelry customized. The only criteria to be followed to get the task done are with the help of digital sources. Whether you want to state your requirements or you have the design and want a copy of it, you need to get in touch with the team of online jewelry store. You need to follow some steps that can convey your message adeptly and help the brand to design best of the product for you.
People like getting their engagement rings or wedding rings customize according to their likability and desirability. Wedding rings are very special to every heart and that is the reason for such products to get customized and have that personal touch. The executives take personal interest in bringing you best options in jewelry. You can call at their toll free number, talk to the executive, describe them the kind of products you might be interested in and allow them to present their finest collection. This is the best way to select the right wedding ring, given the fact that they will only put forward the options that falls in the most exclusive collection in their torso.
Same way, sometimes you have the design very clearly in your mind and yet you cannot find satisfactory ring in the featured assortment. This is the time when you can get into a talk with the jewelry brand and ask them to customize your engagement ring. You can also share the picture of your dream ring with the brand and get the replica of same product in your hands. After sharing the details, you are likely to hear from them about the price and other significant details that you might need to know. These details will help you in assimilating whether or not the price and other measures suit your requirements. After getting whole lot information on these attributes, you can finally place an order.
This is not only the most modish form of shopping but in such a way, locating your dream ring has become extremely convenient. Customized jewelry is always closer to the heart and that is why it is recommended to get your wedding ring customized from the earnest and most accomplished online jewelry stores such as VIVO Diamonds. Be it their already displayed collection or the customized collection, you will always find most satisfying results. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Metals for Your Precious Diamond Rings

Every kind of diamond related information is very necessary for the buyers. Now are not the times to believe the sellers on what all information that gives you about the product you are buying. You have to be self educated about the jewelry so that there is a minimum scope of getting cheated, when such an investment is made. One thing that is recommended to all the buyers is that they should never rush into buying the jewelry but spend some time in assimilating their options and other features that are tagged along with. It is not easy to take out a huge amount and invest it in diamonds. Least you can do is to research completely amount the jewels and buy one that is worth.
There are many times in life when you need to buy a diamond ring. It could be your wedding ring or an engagement ring or just an anniversary gift. Diamonds are mere sparkling stones that are available in various sizes. You cannot put them on without placing them in any metal. There are various types of metals that can incorporate these sparkling stone with them and make them available for wear. There are two types of metals: precious and non precious. Because the worth of diamonds itself is so high, people don’t feel like getting them installed in a light worth metal. The precious set of metals includes Gold, Platinum, Silver, etc where as non precious metals include: Brass, Copper, Nickel, etc.
As I mentioned already that diamonds are preferably installed in metals are Gold and Platinum, I will center the discussion of today on these niches.


Depending upon the carat, gold is available in various colors. Highest carat gold is always glinting and define for its worth on the first site. The different types of gold that you can get are: Rose Gold, White Gold, Yellow Gold. When I mentioned white gold, it means that it has the demeanor just like silver. You might be thinking that given the real color of gold, how one can convert it into something white. Actually it is the Rhodium and Palladium polish that is done of the gold to make it look more like silver. White Gold when incorporated with the stones makes perfect Wedding Rings.


This metal is quite popular among ladies as it gives a perfect white shine. People usually get perplexed with white gold and platinum. Both of these are different metals but have the same shining effect. They look more like silver. The diamond rings that are made up with platinum have a very influential effect on the receiver. Platinum is more expensive than gold and considered as the richest metal to afford.

The actually price of an end product such as diamond ring or so is very much due to these pricey metals. You can buy diamonds in any of the above mentioned metal options and hence you can spend the money considering various attributes. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

How To Best Utilize Online Jewelry Stores For Cash Escape?

Buying jewelry has never been easy on the pocket and on the mind of buyer. There are numerous things that have to taken in account while buying any kind of jewelry. Online stores are rich in options and they can give you best service in picking the right option. Whether you are shopping for engagement ring or highly significant wedding ring or just a diamond ring, online stores can help you in such possible ways that you can never find at any of the land store. The conventional buying might have the impression of being the best sort of shopping but online portals make the experience even better. For every business, maintaining their creditability in market is highly important. That is the only cause for top-notch online stores such as VIVO Diamonds strives hard to maintain the goodwill.
Now the question is how you can best utilize online stores for making cash redundant purchases. Well, online stores are quite helpful in several ways.
  • Online stores can help you out with massive assortment if options. You can find options in all price groups and as the collection keep increasing; you can find the best deal at minimal price. For further help, you can also use refining features depending upon your budget and save your time from the checking out the collection that you cannot even afford.
  • Calling and seeking help is always beneficial for all kind of buyers. Diamonds are the purchases that include various types of queries that you can easily get answered from the executives of the online brand that you are buying jewelry from. For any kind of queries or help, you can easily refer them by calling at their toll free numbers. Not only with the queries but they can also help you in making right purchase by bringing forward the options.
  • Discounts are something that every individual welcomes with glee. Online stores can give you better discounts that conventional stores. Due to many factors, online stores have the tendency to offer better discounts. On the top of that, you can also find many coupon offering sites that contain promotion codes by top-notch websites online. You can visit these websites and fetch a code that can be furthered used in cutting the cost. This is another dominating point that can give you heads up for online stores.
A person who welcomes the changing trends and sway with them can keep up with the pace. Conventional shopping, no wonder has best of the attributes and still the first choice for many individuals but online shopping is also creating its presence in every house. Diamond jewelry is hugely priced and you need assure response while investing in it. Online stores can give you best of the collection at unbelievable prices. Once you start shopping online, you will readily become the fan. It is just a matter of spending some time with your computer and allowing it to serve you best of the options in the world. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Why Is It Essential For Couples To Buy Diamond Jewelry Together?

Diamonds are the definition of love. You might have surprised your girl countless times but sometimes, it all about accompanying her to her favorite diamond store and allowing her to buy what she likes. It could be the best ever gift for her. For a couple it is a must do task. This not only help you assimilate her choice in jewelry but also strengthen your bond with her. Being a girl, I can understand how pricey moment it would be for me when my husband would take me to a jewelry store and allow me to pick my choice. I am sure every girl can understand this. Well, here are some of the elements that would justify the fact that why is it so essential for every couple to shop diamonds together.
  • Firstly, I would like to say that buying with togetherness will surely strengthen your love bond. It will allow your girl to understand the fact that you love her. No matter whether she is fond of collecting diamond rings or diamond bracelets, making her choose and supporting her with the decision will be the best gift.
  • The factor of shopping together doesn’t free you from the liability of buying diamond ring for her as a surprise. Shopping together will help you in understanding her choices. You can closely see what kind of jewelry she picks and the kind of jewelry she totally rejected. It is highly significant to understand her choices. This will help you in buying the kind of jewelry that she will totally accept with huge amount of glee in her heart.
  • If it’s about your wedding jewelry shopping, I would say that you must do it together. Besides getting on the emotional road, you need to understand the fact that wedding jewelry is something that is cherished for lifetime. You surely don’t want your wife to wear the kind of wedding ring that she might have never wanted to buy. Not every couple is lucky to know likes and dislikes of one another that well that there is no scope of making a mistake. That is why, don’t you think it will be better if you can just shop for something that your wife will gladly accept. And that is only possible if she is accompanying you while making a purchase.
  • Last point in my list is quite logical. It is about the right fit of the jewelry. Why to trouble yourself for changing the product if it is not for accurate size. This is especially in case of diamond rings as most of the men don’t happen to know finger size of their lady and they end up buying wrong size. The only way to help you out of it is to take her along-with, allow her to try sizes and buy the one that fits perfectly.

Therefore, no matter whether you are buying diamonds online or conventionally, these points can help you immensely. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

How to Make Your Day Special with Diamonds?

It was my birthday when at first I was sitting alone, thinking how to make the day happening and good one for me. Before we go further, it is essential for me to say that I am a shopaholic and I have a special thing about diamond jewelry. Diamonds are always attracting me towards them and maybe that is why I have my locker full of different types of jewelry. I keep browsing the internet and looking for newer collection in Diamonds. As it is like an obsession to me, it was impossible to make my day happy without buying diamond jewelry. This is the case with every woman that diamonds give them internal peace. When you take them in your hands, it’s like as if you are at cloud 9. The kind of happiness and glee that you feel inside is way beyond the array of expression.
I started looking for websites that deals in the niche of diamond jewelry when I came across VIVO Diamonds. It is a beautifully crafted website with everything very neatly listed and featured. I stepped inside and first begin my search for diamond earrings. There were thousands of beautiful and dazzling trinkets listed there. It was so much fun checking them out and reading the specifications. Every jewelry item was incorporated with detailed description. The diamonds were highly authentic and on buying, you will also get the guarantee certification. I was relaxed to know that after so many years, I have reached one of the authentic web portals where I can rely on.
Then I headed towards the section of diamond bracelets. It has an awe-inspiring collection of jewels with ravishing designs and convenient prices. The browsing was becoming fun by the minute. I finally settled at one of the bracelet and proceeded to checkout. Rest of the requisites was fulfilled and I was happy to have my new ravishing diamond bracelet on the way to reach me.
Shopping diamonds for a shopaholic is like a routine endeavor. It becomes even difficult when you come across sites like VIVO that is equipped with an exceptional collection of jewels. Like I bought a diamond bracelet on my birthday, you can also make your birthdays full of glee with the help of diamonds. Unlike me, you don’t have to look for sites as I have already mentioned the best for you. This site has all the positive qualities to get associated with.

As I dig more in the context, I came across the ethos on which this site works. They have got most amazing collection in diamond jewelry. The return policy or exchange policy is less tormenting than other websites. They can give you earliest delivery of the purchases. They have most authentic pieces of diamonds that are installed in the jewelry. All the security measures are taken already so you don’t have to fear for your money. If you are an online buyer then all I would say is that no other site is better than this one for buying diamonds.