Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Diamonds Online – A better Option

The precious white stone with an amazing lustre, a cut once occupied shines with brilliance – the diamond. Gold, Silver or Platinum whatever be the base holding it, it’s the diamond’s lustre that is the cherry on the top to any diamond jewellery. Buying diamonds at least once in life is somewhere every man’s dream. To pamper his wife or girlfriend, or to invest in diamonds for the future to be safe, whatever the need may be, but buying a diamond can be the most critical choice ever.
A point to Ponder
Not just regarding the input for the diamond or choosing a cut worth the occasion, there is more to ponder over before buying diamonds. The revolution of internet worldwide has created numerous options to shop. From buying brands from their own online stores and not offline to buying stuff from a completely online store and finding it better than anything is not uncommon today. Hence it is no wonder that buying stuff online is somewhat better than offline in some or other terms.
Where people regard buying jewellery offline as the safest way ever, online stores are too appealing with their enormous range of designs in diamond jewellery and wide range of choices in the cuts and clarity of diamonds with the least troubling way possible. And hence the question arises, where to buy diamonds now?
Online Stores- A step forward
Though buying diamonds offline from retailers is supposed as the safest way in addition to being traditional, there are no less cases of being conned by the same offline retailer into setting you up with a costlier diamond by manipulating your thought process by creating its necessity. There are even various other reasons justifying why buying diamonds online could be the best idea ever. The following is a set of such reasons which would load your mind will all the benefits of online buying, and here we go:
  • The varieties available: The biggest benefit of online shopping is the wide range of options to choose. From the cut to clarity of the diamond, colour grade to the size, the amount you choose to spend to the discount method you want to avail, there are filters set for almost everything which will help you find the right stone in the right price. This is because the online diamond stores not only deal from one but many merchants, and acquire the jewels from all over the country (or at least the state), they do not have to rely on one dealer to find you your required piece of jewellery.
  • Amazing Discounts: When buying anything online, from clothes to appliances there are various discounts you can avail by using various coupons and on different types of cards. These kinds of options are not at all available when buying in person except for the discounts offered by the store itself. This feature of online shopping comes into handy when buying products worth more, consequently a much larger discount. Just imagine a product worth 5000$, giving you a 15% discount on the card you are using, therefore finally costing you 4250$, does not seem to be a bad deal. After all a penny saved, is a penny earned.
  • The Lower prices: In - store jewellery buying can take you a lot of patience though providing you not much variety to choose from. Online stores are a step ahead in this by providing you a larger range of selection and saving your energy. But apart from this there is another feature of the online diamond jewellery stores which helps them to be ranked higher than the in-store one which is the comparatively lower prices. It may have been noticed by the customer some or the other day that online jewellery is quite cheaper, even including the shipping charges in it. The reason behind this is in in-store jewellery shopping, the rate of the jewels also includes the shop rent, the electricity bills and the workers’ salary in it. Yes, we pay for many things apart from the jewels which costs us more, whereas the online jewellery stores never require any of these and provide us with many other benefits.
  • Last but not the least – safety: The last time I heard this was about an online company which sent bad quality goods to the customer and got itself sued for ten times its worth. Yes, even online companies can be sued (for those who did not know this) and hence you can now relax, sit back and wait for the jewels to get delivered at your doorstep. You cannot be cheated by sending the wrong quality goods or the goods you never asked for. Many people have the fear just because they have already sent the payment and now if returns are possible or not (if they file a case). To their rescue come sites like PayPal which hold the transferred value aside until the case is held in the court. Mostly these kinds of issues do not occur if the customer buys the diamonds after verifying the online seller by his certificate. In any case, being a customer one must know how to identify a good diamond while shopping online, or at least know someone who can do that.
  • Getting the diamonds safely: This tip can also be used as a tip for buying the diamonds in the right way but just in case, it works this way too. For people who want to invest in diamonds, that is a total different issue but for people who want to have them in their hands safely, this tip is for them. Many online sites also provide the insurance for diamonds and shipping as well which is a necessity these days henceforth creating an easy path for you by making sure the diamonds reach you safely. In addition you pay lesser taxes when you ship a diamond from another state. Now how is this as a pro-tip forsafe buying?
Last but not the least, a safety tip not many people know while buying online is to check the fine print words of the policy. This includes if the store offers you a full refund or not (some stores offer only 85% of the cash back while reputed stores offer completely) and not just exchange on your method of payment, or if they charge a restocking fee etc. Finally buy only graded, GIA certified diamonds.

Now all that’s left to do for yourself is just one thing. Go press enter and pay for those lavish riches which you wanted to pamper yourself (or others) with.