Thursday, November 19, 2015


Ann Demeulemeester - “Jewellery is something that has to do with emotion.”
The birth of a new year is the chance for opportunity. We are beginning with the fun and inevitable top jewellery trends of 2015. From delicate to statement pieces.
  1. Stackable rings: Stackable rings are the new “midi rings!” These beauties are a two in one dream came true, that actually work in embellishing the fingers in a tasteful manner (unlike a two in one shampoo conditioner like deal). These rings are preferably very simple than statement rings, but with structure and subtle shine. Architecturally fascinating rings are perfect to stack because they are thin and sophisticated, which gives space to add a touch of bling. Mix and matching for a unique pop of pastel colour.
  2. Delicate bracelets replaced by Haathphools: These have been around for decades now. However, can see a key comeback this 2015. This traditional jewellery comprises of bracelet linked elegantly to one or more finger rings. Haathphools are luxuriously covered by diamonds in a variety of designs showing sophistication to timeless elegance, encrusted in white gold and platinum.
  3. Calling all collars: Fall’s turn towards retro sixties fashion includes jewellery too, in the form of structured bib or collar necklaces. We’re getting a very large number of necklaces and gold metal collars, a lot of them jewelled, say Ford.
  4. Necklaces as headgears: A large range of multi-functional jewellery is catching up as a trend. A delicate neckpiece can be worn stylishly as tiara. Similarly, a maangtika can be decorated as a striking pendant. Modular jewellery pieces those are also collapsible - wherein a very traditional neck piece can be detached to a simple single strand of diamonds which can be worn around the neck or head, as a maathapatti.

Mix & match earrings:

The mix match trend is so fun it’s like taking out chocolates from a box and tasting every flavour (without any carbs). The idea of mixing and matching jewellery to your mood is absolutely delicious! Halo charm banner for bold beauties, sharp and edgy pieces provide an edgy and shape to your ears. And of course, for the sexy and sweet beauties, floral charms create a subtle shine to your ears for a sensible look. Putting studs is the icing on top; and choosing different colours and materials help suit the many moods you have! Remember, Life is a strong box of charms darling, so indulge in it! And welcome 2015 with the jewellery you love.