Monday, December 21, 2015

Do you know why you should buy platinum jewelry?

We all prefer gold and silver when it comes to buy jewelry because of its shine and finish and mostly because everyone knows that it gold and with that they understand your financial reputation. We usually forget that platinum is also a metal which we can use in order to make jewelries. If you are confused and thinking that what actually platinum is then you must understand that it’s a metal that looks like silver but have price range above gold. Platinum is a metal that is found very rarely and many of us doesn’t use it to make jewelries when compared to gold and silver.
Now the question comes why platinum is a good metal for jewelry? And why this isn’t used commonly? Here in this article we will explain you the answers of these questions.
Let’s ask ourselves first that what makes any metal good for jewelry. Metals that make good jewelry must have two things that are durability and extravagance. You just can’t pick up a metal and start making jewelry out of it. Just imagine the jewelries made of copper and iron, they won’t look good and you will never want to wear that because they will never look attractive.
Platinum have both these qualities. Platinum is extremely corrosion resistant, heat resistant and it has a great glimmer. Its price is around $800 per troy ounce. So no need to say that this metal is precious, and where ever you go everyone will ask you about it.
Why it is not commonly used?
If you go in the jewelry store you will find new jewelries made out of gold or silver. You will even find diamond jewelries as well. For once you will go for diamond but platinum is about 30 times rarer when compared to gold. There are limited places where you will find platinum mines and so this metal is much more precious than gold. Now the question comes if it is 30 times rare than gold then why its price lie in the range of gold? The answer to this question is that the rareness doesn’t decide the value of a thing but it’s the demand that makes it valuable and since the demand of platinum is low the price of it lies around gold.

We hope that you have understood the value of platinum jewelry so better try it once.