Saturday, December 26, 2015

Things to Remember While Choosing a Diamond

When it comes to gift, jewelry is considered as the best gift ever. It will add stars to your occasion. Birthdays and anniversaries are the ones that are celebrated in a year and that is the day to show your dear ones that how special they are for you. In order to make this day a momentous, you must give some precious gifts to your loved ones.
At the time of purchasing the budget might be the most important parameter, and since you are paying a good amount you must get the best value product. So in order to check the good quality diamond you can check out the tips given below
What is 4CS?
4CS is the language that is used by the jewelers everywhere which describes the nature and specification of diamond. This also determines the overall quality of diamond. Quality runs along with the price so it is very important for you know the meaning of 4CS so that you can buy the best quality.
As we all know diamonds are weighed in the metric or parameter called carats. For an instance the weight of a paper clip is around 2 carats.
The clarity of diamond is the thing that decides its price. We all know that diamonds are created under very high pressure and heat generated by the earth. Almost every diamond have its own unique characteristics which is called as inclusions and the external characteristics are called as blemishes. Many characteristics are too tiny that it can be seen only by a well trained jeweler. They uses a special scale in order to count this tiny characteristics.

Do you know that a truly colorless diamond is very rare? Yes it is. There are many techniques applied in order to find the color of a diamond and the diamond that we see regularly or on any jewelry shop is not the colorless diamond. It just looks like colorless but in real it is not colorless. You will find a tiny accent of other color with that. These parameters of the colorless diamonds started from D and it ends at Z which is usually light yellow or brown. The distinctions of the color are visible only to the well trained eyes and this is the reason why jewelers earn a lot. Because they give us anything when we demand a true colorless diamond and in return they will take money of colorless diamond which is a huge amount.