Sunday, October 18, 2015

How to Clean Your Diamond Accessory at Home

The sparkle of the diamond doubles when you clean it professionally. Why not try out few cleaning tips at home so that the lustre remains the same every time you use it? Read on to understand few tips on taking care of your diamond jewelleries at home. However, it is advisable to professionally inspect the jewellery once a year.

Handle it with care

The twinkling of the diamond gets disturbed at the touch of an oily or dirty human finger. Clean your hands before touching the jewellery each time, to look it at its best always.  Never touch it with unclean hands or keep it on a dirty surface.
Never keep diamonds near any of the bleaching substance or harmful chemicals. It may damage the metal.

Cleaning tip for diamond jewellery

You can clean your diamond accessories easily at home twice or thrice a month. Take a container and fill it one cup of hot water and half a cup of ammonia water.
Dip the jewellery in the solution and keep it overnight in a closed container. It is better to dip the jewellery in warm water at first and then dip it in the solution. Avoid directly dipping it into hot water.
Use a soft bristled brush, say an unused baby toothbrush, and clean it with utmost care, to make sure there is no left over dirt in it. Clean the back side of the diamond as well using the soft brush.   
Wipe off the diamond jewellery with a clean and soft cloth after washing it. Make sure the cloth is lint-free. You can also allow it to air dry.
Do not use any harmful chemicals, like chlorine, to wash the diamonds as it may get dissolved.
You can also go for a jewellery washing kit, but please read the instructions clearly to make sure it is fit for washing diamond jewellery.
Next time when you gift your dear ones a diamond accessory, make sure you share a few tips to take care of the precious gift at home itself. You can be sure that the sparkle of the gift will never go down by a single point.
Furthermore, regular cleaning will make it more charming and attractive. However, you should consult a diamond specialist if you are doubtful about handling it at home. It can be done without any spend most times.