Saturday, May 2, 2015

Buy Diamond Earrings – 6 Things to Consider

Diamond earrings are always exclusive and elegant and it creates a close impact in a short time. These earrings are always considered as the substantial piece of ornaments, as it gives an ultimate unisex charming look. These earrings are one of the most favorite jewelry of women and many women are willing to invest in it.
These earrings create am ambience of passion, shine and sophistication around you everywhere you go. It could just be another workday or a weekend parties. They complement all styles superbly. The earrings come in a wide range of designs and styles. Look at the complete list before you make your choice.
People prefer buying diamond earrings due to its classical and ageless beauty, diamonds remain a universal attraction, irrespective of the changes in the fashion industry. Diamond admirers are fascinated with its brightness, clarity, style and color of the earrings. Given below are 6 tips that you should keep in mind before buying diamond earring:

1. Know your Budget 

Think about your budget, you should know how much you are willing to spend. This one can be quite tricky - spending too little can mean you are undervaluing her and spending too much can mean you are not ready to take responsibility.

2. Choosing the right Color

One of the best diamonds are rare, expensive and colorless. On the GIA grading scale, D - F is an ideal color grade but G - H is still considered colorless. I - K diamonds have dim yellow color that can be masked in various ways.

3. Clarity is Important too 

The word clarity comes from the word clear. Hence, diamond's clarity refers to the stone's external structure as well as internal blemishes. Since, diamonds are made out of carbon through intense pressure and heat hence other foreign minerals may also mix with carbon and contribute to surface flaws and internal irregularities.

4. Choosing the appropriate Carat

A carat is the weight of diamond that is generally measured in milligrams. The stone’s value increases as the carat weight increases. But in case of earrings, the weight of the gem is split in 2, giving the total carat weight for both the diamond earrings in 1 carat amount.

5. Diamond Certificates 

Diamond certificates may come from a variety of jewelry labs. It is highly recommended buying from sites that provide either AGS or GIA (two of the world's top labs) certificates. You should pay some attention about some online stores offer their own certificates or certificates from other labs.

6. Selecting the right Diamond Cut 

Perfectly cut diamonds are very expensive. Moreover, those cut to different shapes would be more expensive. For example, lily cut or heart-shaped diamonds earrings will be many times more expensive than those with circle cuts.