Tuesday, May 12, 2015

6 Key Points to Remember Before You Buy Designer Diamond Jewelry

For several occasions, designer jewelry makes the perfect gift. No matter if you are selecting a very high-end piece that you plan to keep in the family for years to come or you are selecting an item for a child, you want to buy quality. You have to be careful when buying designer jewelry. It tends to be more expensive than the pieces you would find in most shops but you need to be sure you are getting what you pay for.

Don't be tempted to purchase costly jewelry from online auction houses specifically if the cost seems to be too good to be true. You should purchase designer jewelry from either a jeweler or reputable auction house. The former will hold vintage and antique pieces which can make fantastic investments not just because of the cut and craftsmanship. The stones and quality of the metal used can be higher than that available for a similar price at the jewelers. Given below are few points that you should keep in mind before buying Designer jewelry.

1. You must set your budget for buying jewelry and then explore all your options. By this way, you'll find a wide range of jewelry in your price range.

2. The best way to know if your metal and gemstones are genuine is certification. It is always important to ask for certificates of authenticity and never assume that it is real, based on its appearance.

3. When you decide to purchase diamond jewelry then you should definitely keep 4Cs criteria in mind.

4.  Always buy jewelry from a reputed and a known jeweler. If you are not familiar with any good jeweler then you should ask your family members or friends for their recommendations.

5. Your designer is trained and up-to-date with the trends. Additionally, he can tell what will suit you and what to avoid. So you should rely on his aesthetic sense and take his opinions into account.

6. One should not opt for too many colors in single piece jewelry instead they should select the jewelry that compliments your skin tone. Gemstones with dark colors are perfect for individuals with whitish complexion, whereas pastels generally complement individuals with fair complexion.

Various people prefer to get their designer jewelry made as per their requirements. This makes the designs unique and personalized. This is a common practice in case of gold and diamond designer jewelries. Since past few years, designer jewelries are so much in demand that numerous internationally renowned designers have started to retail their jewelry through online. However, when it comes to online purchasing one has to be sure about the authenticity of the brand and the designer.