Friday, May 8, 2015

6 Tips for designing your own Custom Engagement ring

Since Maximilian gifted his lady love Mary of Burgundy with the 1st stunningly beautiful customized ring, the world followed his footsteps since then.Selecting a perfect engagement ring for your beloved is a very daunting task because it is not just a piece of jewelry but it is a symbol of feelings and emotions and it is a jewelry which your lady will wear every day for her rest of the life.Therefore it is very essential to pick the unique spectacular ring for your beloved. And by designing your own engagement ring gives a romantic and personal touch.

The most significant thing you should remember before purchasing diamond for your ring is carat, clarity cut and color. You should also remember that there are several large gem stones that come with high carat but have imperfections and inclusions which can affect their brilliance. Hence you must pick your diamond very carefully. Given below are the few tips.

1.       Design it as early as possible, especially if you're planning something really different. Make sure the jeweler has enough time to get it right (and to get your approval) before starting to craft the ring.

2.       Another important aspect is to select the shape of the diamond that you would mount on the ring. There are various shapes available which should be chosen according to the shape of the fingers of the lady. Shapes like emerald, square, oval and round are some of the traditional shapes. If you wish for contemporary style then you can opt for pear, heart shape, princess and marquise.

3.       Another important aspect is selecting the diamond ring style. You choose from different styles like vintage, solitaire and matching bands. Solitaire is considered as the most classic style for contemporary look.

4.       Based on your budget you have to choose the metal that you want your engagement ring. The most classic metal used was the white/yellow gold but nowadays you have much wider choices. You can choose titanium, palladium or platinum for your engagement ring.

5.       Last but not the least is to select the jeweler who can turn your imagination into reality and bring you engagement rings exactly in the same pattern, cuts, embellishments, polishing,design and above all finishing as you dream it to be.

Now, when the engagement ring is ready, surprise your lady with the token of love on your special day and make them feel how special they are for you!