Wednesday, March 25, 2015

7 Types Of Diamond Cut

There are various things that go into the pricing of a diamond. One of the most significant feature of a diamond both financially and visually is the diamond cut. A diamond cut refers to how the diamond has been shaped and polished from being a rough stone to the stunning gem stone. A well cut diamond is about to make a small diamond look larger and can even improve the overall quality of the grade.The most popular 7 types of diamond cuts are given below:-

1.       Round cut 

Round cut is the most common cut and said to bring out the best sparkle in a diamond. More than 70% of the people prefer to go for round cut diamonds. The brilliant cut maximizes a diamond's ability to reflect light back to the viewer and hence, this cut is said to bring out the best shine in a diamond. The round brilliant diamond cut is the standard by which the cut grade of a diamond is based upon for certification reports.

2.       Princess Cut Diamonds 

The princess style cut is a very bright and acute style, with uncut corners. Generally is a square or rectangular cut. The brilliant style is because of the vertical directions in the crown and facets in the pavilion instead of horizontal cuts. A princess diamond has generally 74 facets, having more luminosity than a round diamond.

3.       Oval Cut  

Also very popular, an oval shaped diamond has a brilliance that is similar to a round brilliant. The oval style will add length to shorter fingers and can additionally accentuate long, slender fingers. This elliptical shaped gem looks stunning by itself or as a 3 stone anniversary ring with 2 matching side stones.

4.       Heart Cut Diamond 

This is one of the most romantic types of diamond cuts in the market. Forming the shape perfectly is normally a difficult task as all the lobes have to be totally symmetrical to achieve diamond brilliance. This diamond is one of the most wanted for engagement rings.

5.       Pear Cut 

This shaped diamond look like a glistening teardrop that merges the soft, curved end of an Oval shape with the pointed, tapered point of a Marquise-cut. This is considered as an interesting pick for the multi-faceted personality.

6.       Cushion Cut  

This is often called "pillow cut" because this diamond has rounded soft corners. This kind of shape is popular in tradition since over hundreds of year ago and was very popular in the late 18-19th century. This shape is suitable for you that have romantic personality and appreciate the traditions.

7.       Marquise cut 

This cut was named after an 18th century mistress. Women who often wear this cut makes an impression of somebody who is money oriented. This cut has an elongated shape like tear drop but its ends are very sharp. Marquise cut diamond looks larger than the stunning round cut diamond which has the same carat weight.