Thursday, March 19, 2015

4 Best Bridal Jewelry Tips

Wedding is the most significant day of one’s life and every bride expects that everything should be just perfect from her outfit to her jewelry. Picking the right combination of bridal jewelry is not an easy task.One has to put lots of effort in searching for best jewelry for her wedding specifically matching to her beautiful bridal outfit. Basically, one should remember that wedding happens only once in your life time and hence make it memorable by following these few tips.

1.       Jewelry Style that Matches your Wedding Gown 

Always match your bridal attires with accessories such as earrings, necklaces, bangles, bugle beads, pearls etc. The Jewelry should always be complementary with matching Nose Ring, Necklace Set, Bangles, Rings and Anklets. The jewelry needs to be co-ordinated with the colors of the outfit especially if it is being worn in colored precious and semi-precious stones. Make sure that all these items should also match with your wedding dress.

2.       Start shopping at least 6 months before the actual date 

Aim to have your entire look ready and set at least 3 weeks before the wedding day, keeping enough time for any changes you may require. If you are choosy, you will take a long time to find the jewelry you like. A good idea is to begin by visiting the stores where you have bought jewelry before. There’s a good chance you may find something you like there.

3.       Interchangeable wedding pieces 

It is important to buy pieces that can be worn later. Earlier, women emphasized on the occasion and bought jewelry that could not be worn later. With changing times, this mentality has changed and it is wiser to go with jewelry that can be utilized after the wedding. Try interchangeable wedding pieces, which are flexible and can be used on many occasions, even after your wedding day.

4.       Consider your Skin Color 

Wear something that enhances your skin tone. Just because a particular style looks good on a model or on your friend, does not mean that it will suit you too.  Your skin color plays a big role in the selection of your Wedding Jewelry. If you are dusky looking, opt for a color that suits you best like Platinum, Silver or jewelry in different white shades, yellow gold jewelry is total NO.
Selecting Wedding Jewelry is really simple if you just consider the above facts. Just observing these few tips will surely make your wedding day exceptional and unforgettable.