Tuesday, March 31, 2015

5 Tips to Make Your Diamond Wedding Solitaire Ring Unique

Diamond wedding rings are a symbol of commitment and love. The diamond rings are said to bind the couple in an eternal bond for the rest of their life. Diamonds brightens the personality of women making her look more elegant and sophisticated.The solitaire diamond ring is widespread because of its timeless and classic appeal. People believe that solitaire diamond wedding rings signifies the unbreakable bond of wedding and everlasting love. Given below are 5 tips to make your diamond ring look unique:-

1.       Pick Rare Diamond Shape 

Brilliant-cut diamonds (also known as round diamonds) are very popular because of their shape. Therefore, make sure that you pick traditional shaped diamonds because they are less seen. Traditional shape refers to pear,emerald, heart,princess, oval and marquise diamond solitaires.

2.       Buy a Colored Diamond 

Diamonds naturally come in various colors. During their formation, diamond crystals at times combine different elements other than carbon, thus creating colorful and unique diamonds. They are also called as fancy diamonds. Diamonds come in almost every color. Shades of tan, brown, and yellow are the most common once. Hence, often sold as champagne or chocolate diamonds. Bright yellow diamonds are also called canary diamonds. You can also opt for natural blue and pink diamonds are uncommon and generally expensive as compared to the white diamonds. 

3.       Shop for a Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring 

When shopping for a unique design, you can also opt for the vintage wedding ring. Heirloom diamond rings holds exceptional appeal to an individual who admires the style of that particular era. The geometric designs of Art Deco or heavy ornamentation of Victorian style are also found in the unique jewelry.

4.       Get a Lab-Created Diamond 

Diamond has always been a special stone for auspicious occasions like marriages. Diamond signifies the feeling of love, purity and also depicts the role you play in the other person’s life. The lab created diamonds is also hundred percent pure and genuine just like any other natural diamond stone. They are structurally and chemically identical to natural stones.Nevertheless, they take a month to grow in a laboratory.Lab-created diamonds are different from gems sold as simulated diamonds or imitation diamonds.

5.       Pick an Unusual Setting 

The classic 4-6 prongs Tiffany mount diamonds are elegant and conventional. Although other choices are equally sophisticated like bezel set, invisible mounts and many more.A bezel is a metal ring surrounded by the expensive diamond. Bezel-set diamonds have contemporary and sleek look that sets them apart from the prominent design of a raised Tiffany setting.