Wednesday, February 4, 2015

10 Things you should know before investing in diamonds

Diamond can be the best gift for your loved ones. Whether it’s about buying a diamond wedding ring or loose diamonds, it can be a splendid investment for your future. But most of the buyers are not completely aware of the specific characteristics of premium quality diamonds. There are some essential factors, which may help you in analyzing and investing in diamonds.

1. Color- 

Color is one of the most important parameter to look for. The diamond grading procedure is dependent upon the coloration of the gemstone. Every diamond is assigned with a specific color grade, which signifies about its quality. The colorless diamond is considered to be of premium quality.

2. Clarity- 

Clarity of a diamond is basically evaluated by the percentage of flaws present in the stone. The flaws can exist in the form of air bubbles, blemishes or cracks. A flawless diamond is considered to be a superior quality stone, with high market value.

3. Cut-

The cut of the diamond makes it more presentable and increases its shine and has a high light reflecting capability. With proper polishing and symmetry of cutting, the diamond can sparkles and transmit more light due to the angular symmetry. Depending upon the diamond cut, the brilliance of the precious stone can be enhanced.

4. Carat- 

The term ‘carat’ refers to the total weight age of the diamond stone. The price of the stone increases with increasing carat size of the gemstone. Hence, you need to check the carat size and start investing in diamonds accordingly. A one carat solitaire diamond stone can be more precious than several smaller diamond stones of less weight (carats).

5. Check the diamond grading report-

On the basis of 4C’s (color, clarity, cut and carat), diamonds is further graded by the renowned labs like GIA or AGA. You can check the certification or the grading report, to evaluate your precious stones.

6. Consulting a Gemologists-

Geologist are skilled professionals, who may help you in analyzing the different parameters of superior quality diamonds. This may help you to get adequate knowledge about diamonds and pick the premium quality gemstones.

7. Look for the hallmark sign-

Before purchasing any diamond jeweler you can also check the hallmark sign on the jeweler item. The sign indicates the purity of the gemstones and help you stay away from fake diamonds.

8. Buy from reputable jewelers- 

It is better to buy from certified jewelers, to avoid discrepancies. Vivo Diamonds is one of renowned diamond seller, to offer you superior quality diamond jewelry. You may also check their official website to go through the customer reviews.

9. Use of electronic tester- 

An advanced technological gadget named electronic tester can also be used to check the quality of the diamonds.

10. Make thorough research on the internet-

It is advisable to make a thorough research on the internet and get all the detailed information about diamond buying tips. It will help you to choose the best retailers, compare the prices and buy premium quality gemstones.

To buy diamonds, you need to be quite acquainted with all these fundamental rules or diamond analyzing tips.