Thursday, July 16, 2015

Different Shapes of Diamonds for Elegant Diamond Ring

Buying diamond rings is a huge investment. It is not something that is available at a corner shop in small penny. You can find diamond rings in various shapes and forms. It absolutely depends on your taste and budget for what you pick to wear. Different types of shapes that you can get in diamonds are: Emerald, Round, Marquise, Princess, Radiant, Oval, etc. Let’s study about these shapes in detail here and learn about the value, significance and likability of the diamonds, here we go:

1.     Round: Well, Round diamonds are among the most liked shapes in diamonds; especially men like to buy it for their women. They have a perfect proportion of shine and glint in them. For more classic look, you can refer round brilliant shape. It is best suited for the imperial look. The round diamond also looks perfect in a solitaire ring. On a technical note, round diamond has more than 5 facets. Most of the engagement rings possess round diamonds

2.       MarquiseWell, not much people are aware of marquise shape of diamonds. It is a peculiar shape and also among the most appealing ones. It makes diamond ring look more sophisticated and royal. This cut is not so fondly purchased as that of round cut. This cut has the tendency to make a diamond look bigger than its original size, given the fact that cut is very intense. It is timeless classic and you don’t have to think much before investing in the gem like this.

3.       Oval: There are women that like to wear diamonds in a long shape; oval is the shape that finely fits in the requirement. They make large diamond rings as oval cut diamonds have elongated shapes. People like to buy wedding rings with oval cut as they look majestic while gifted. Also these are the most expensive form of diamonds. This not only gives a ravishing appearance to your hands but also defines luxury and opulence.

4.       Emerald: What is the signature look of Emerald that defines the unique look of the diamond? Well Emerald has rounded end at one side whereas the other side is tapered. It is said that Emerald is a unique style that but at the same time, it is the least expensive cut due to its natural demeanor. The cut is also not made so uniquely and intensely as it is meant to deliver a rough appearance. Yet the diamond rings with Emerald cut looks awe inspiring.

5.       Heart: Heart signifies love and passion. There is no denying to the fact that heart cut is the most romantic form of cut to gift your girlfriend or wife. It is also best suited for wedding, engagements or Valentine’s Day. It is beautifully crafted and the outline is well defined. It is among the most expensive form of diamonds that is why it is the first choice of every individual when it comes to select wedding or engagement rings.