Tuesday, April 14, 2015

4 Precious Metal for Men’s Wedding Band

Men’s wedding bands come in different designs and styles and also differ from culture to culture. But one thing that is similar among all wedding rings is that it symbolizes the marriage and the wedding vow of a man to a woman he loves or a woman to a man she loves. There is a variety of wedding rings available in the market from which a man can choose from.Men’s wedding rings may come in contemporary or traditional designs.
These fashionable wedding bands are even customized to reflect the personality of the wearer.Hence, these should be chosen carefully to meet with the expectations of the wearer in terms of material, style and design. Men's wedding bands are usually designed with durability in mind since most guys are working and active. There's always the possibility for the band to lose its luster over time because of your job and other activities.Men’s wedding bands are available in a lot of different metals few of them are given below:

1.       Titanium

People who don't like wearing flashy jewelry, Titanium wedding rings or bands are especially for them. These wedding bands can have different patterns on them like rounds, stone or may be lines. Striped, doomed and brush polished bands are widespread all over the world. Several individuals prefer to opt for ribbed or spiral pattern titanium. These metals are little cheaper as compared to typical gold rings.

2.       Gold

This metal is the most common and the prized metal to be used in Men's rings or men’s bands. It is dense, shiny, soft and the most ductile & malleable pure metal known. One of the finest and pure gold has a bright yellow color. They do not get rust in water or air. It is a valuable and beautiful metal.

3.       Silver

Silver is also a great choice for men’s bands. It is cheaper than gold and many men prefer this to other metals. Sterling silver wedding rings are very popular and they also come with patterns that are intriguing and masculine. Although silver tends to be affordable, it is not very durable. Unless one plans to upgrade the groom's ring after a couple of years, silver is probably not the best option.

4.       Platinum

A rare, natural white metal known for its strength and purity is none other than platinum. It is considered to be 95% pure. Platinum's density makes it extremely durable, meaning it will keep your diamond or other gemstone protected and secure. It's also naturally hypoallergenic so it won't irritate sensitive skin. Platinum wedding bands are perfect piece of jewelry specifically for men who have irritable skin.